Hop on the Bus

Gus has always dreamed of following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather by becoming a Marine. A talented trumpet player, his goal is to join the Drum and Bugle Corp but he’ll need grants and scholarships to pay for college. Without a Musical Arts degree, his dreams will wither on the vine. 

When his guidance counselor advises Gus to increase his community involvement, he realizes he needs to overcome his fear of social interaction and reach out to Shannon Poplin, a talented violinist who plays in charity events for veterans and the elderly. 

Initially approaching Shannon is difficult, but nothing when compared to navigating first love.

Will Gus find the courage to build a relationship with the beautiful violinist? Find out in Hop on the Bus, a sweet new-adult romance.

Available December 10th on Amazon.

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2020 Romance of the Year on two different fiction sites.

Action Stories

Nephilim Unbound

The son of the last Nephilim is in a race against time to find his lost siblings.

Dr. Alistair Marchand lives a quiet life as a psychiatrist specializing in childhood trauma. Although he’s devoted his life to healing the vulnerable, his dark heritage lingers in the shadows. On a dark, cloudy night mercenaries surround his home, not realizing that their prey is in the woods amongst them. Alistair ruthlessly demonstrates that you should never hunt what you can’t kill.

In their zeal to destroy Alistair, the mercenaries and the cult employing them kill a child in his care, the boy’s mother and an elderly neighbor. Enraged, Alistair forces a surviving mercenary to admit that he wasn’t the only target. Each of his siblings is the focus of these madmen. Leaving the bucolic French countryside, the doctor travels to New York, Mexico, Kentucky, Lebanon and Israel to save his family.

Will Alistair find his brothers and sisters before the cult? Join the action in Nephilim Unbound - The Hunt Begins.

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Ghost and the Midnight Sky

As Robert and Yekong travel to Hong Kong to put an end to the slavers who are trying to reclaim Yekong, Alistair flies to Russia to warn their sister of the cultists hunting them. Meanwhile, plans of the religious fanatics proceed, endangering Alistair’s family and setting the stage for a new age of man under their control.

Son of the last Nephilim, Alistair finds himself fighting a battle on two fronts as he attempts to protect those he loves while stopping the machinations of mad cultists. Thankfully, he has resourceful and powerful allies.

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Ghost and the Midnight Sky

A military experiment propelled Cynthia fifty years into the future, from 1968 to 2018. There was a place between Then and Now that she began to consider the Seed of Creation. There for a moment, this nexus of realities pushed against her sanity and left an indelible impression on her soul.

Six months later, the mechanism that brought her to the future, pulled her back to her time. Again, she visited the in-between place, where the secrets of existence were open to those who dared to look.

After spending years in a mental facility, she is released to live a life of adventure as she encounters an ancient evil in Egypt, Nazis in New York, a still-living Jack Parsons in the in-between, and finally, the son of her heart.

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180 Days in Montauk

Stumbling into a military experiment, Jennifer is propelled fifty years into the future. Waiting for her in 2018 is the mysterious Cynthia Kallas, and the man who rescued her, Finn Corrigan. Jennifer and Finn find themselves falling in love, but she is haunted by what she saw in the moment between 1968 and 2018.

Doubting her sanity, Jennifer and her friends contend with threats to their very existence. Meanwhile, the specter of the time travel experiment lingers, as Jennifer discovers she only has six months to spend with Finn before the mechanism that brought her to the future returns her to her own time.

Join Jennifer in this thrilling romance as she struggles to circumvent the esoteric machinery that brought her to the future so she can remain with the love of her life.

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The Protector

Siobhan Corrigan has an unusual family. Her brother is a billionaire power broker, her grandfather was the Chief of Police for Suffolk County and her aunt was a legendary kingmaker who had the political elite at her beck and call.

When her nephew is abducted by a madman, it’s up to Siobhan to rescue the boy and end the threat.

How did she become the protector of the people she loves? It’s a family tradition. Learn how Siobhan became the woman she is in this thrilling page-turner.

An Ingenue in Montauk
Cinema Violento
A Betrayal in Montauk

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