Hop on the Bus

Gus has always dreamed of following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather by becoming a Marine. A talented trumpet player, his goal is to join the Drum and Bugle Corp but he’ll need grants and scholarships to pay for college. Without a Musical Arts degree, his dreams will wither on the vine. 

When his guidance counselor advises Gus to increase his community involvement, he realizes he needs to overcome his fear of social interaction and reach out to Shannon Poplin, a talented violinist who plays in charity events for veterans and the elderly. 

Initially approaching Shannon is difficult, but nothing when compared to navigating first love.

Will Gus find the courage to build a relationship with the beautiful violinist? Find out in Hop on the Bus, a sweet new-adult romance.

Available December 10th on Amazon.

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2020 Romance of the Year on two different fiction sites.


Jason Caldwell

Writer, Reader, BBQ Aficionado

Jason Caldwell is the award-winning author of "Hop on the Bus" and co-author of the award-winning story "Unseen Love"

Mr. Caldwell enjoys writing, rooting for the ever-doomed Mets, smoking ribs and brisket, mixed martial arts and speaking in the third person.

With stories in multiple genres, Jason most often writes romances or action/thrillers. His two most popular settings are Montauk, NY and Pueblo, Colarado. The Montauk stories have a paranormal aspect and the Pueblo stories are mostly straight romances.

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